Saturday, April 14, 2012

Introducing Cody!

One day a few weeks ago after church I saw this whitish cat being circled by the feral cat at church. I stopped the van, mom, Jamie and I were in it, not Mike. (Important to the story)

We sat there and called to this kitty who answered back pitifully. After about five minutes while Jamie was begging to get out and get the kitty, I got out and approached him.

Now I know if anyone approached my kitties anywhere including our house they would bolt and run, heck they bolt and run if I make a move to pick them up.

Not this kitty. He let me pick him up and cuddled right up to me.

So I took him home.

Yes to the husband who swore 'Not one more pet in this house for me to turd chase!'

I am now doing the cat boxes.

And I have a cuddly kitty. Who likes to be picked up, even by Jamie. He is sweet and loving to everyone except our other cats Minnie and Spicy. They have spent the last four weeks huddled up in hiding places.

I do put Cody outside on the screened porch whenever there is a cat fight. (which is mostly growling and hissing - big dramatic screaming from the Minster...)

He is Cody because he is truly the most codependent cat ever. He just loves to be held and loved on. He calls out for it whenever I enter the room.

I love my Cody Kitty. Isn't he unusual? He has a bent ear because of ear infections that didn't get treated. Isn't he the cutest?!!

(Yes I ran an ad on Craigslist but he's mine now)

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