Monday, March 26, 2012

Springing into Home ownership

Jamie learned to ride a 2 wheeler this month, and her and Daddy went to the beach together one day during Spring Break last week and rode bikes there. They had a blast. I didn't make it as I had to work, showing houses.

I am working with a couple of different buyers and actually have one accepted contract. Still not sure of financing for the lady - we hope to find out tomorrow.

Working with buyers is very rewarding but ALOT of work. They really want to make the best decision possible so it's understandable.

Alot of them don't want to get reapproved which is unfortunate. I spent a couple hours with a very nice couple this past weekend to find out they are not approved and will not be approved until they establish credit.

If you don't have any revolving credit and never have that is not a good thing. Go out and get a credit card and buy something. Don't pay it completely off though. Make payments (minimum or more) each month and that will establish that you are able to pay bills on time and you will have credit. At least 6 mos is necessary, a year is probably better.

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Bizznizzman said...

Very good advice to establish credit! It's also probably a good idea to be scrupulous with a new credit card, as bad credit is pretty much just as bad as no credit.
-Jack @ home ownership