Thursday, March 15, 2012

If you hit a dog please stop!

Yesterday after I dropped Jamie off at school I saw a dog on the sidewalk that had been hit by a car. My girlfriend had just dropped off her son behind me so she and another couple of woman stopped too.

The poor thing was hurt but alive. We managed to get his collar off though he did try to snap at me at first, then we calmed him down.
The collar had a rabies tag with the phone number of the vets office on it but no other tag. It was one of the 'cheap' vets here in town so it rang busy for over 10 minutes but I was able to get through finally.

At first they just gave me the ownersname and phone number but I thought to ask for the address as well and wouldnt you know it, the phone was temporarily disconnected. So I called my office to tell them Iwould be late and asked for help mapquesting the address.

The street was just a cruddy part of town.. Jamie attends a performing arts 'magnet school' and our district places such schools in the poor parts of town. This was an effort to integrate the schools I think by bringing in the upper middle class into the ghettos in town. It works.

Anyway, the address was way at the end of this street, ahd there was a car idleing in front of the house and a chow dog laying in the dirt in front. I pulled up honking the horn...nobody came out so I knocked on the car window (the windows were tinted pretty dark) and the woman inside said she didn't know anyone named 'Joe Schmoe' (the name I got from the vet was actually different but just in case I am changing to protect the not so innocent).

I said, "why are you sitting out here in front of this house then...?" and went up and knockedon the door. Joe came to the door and I told him his dog "Rover" had been hit andhe needed to come.

"Is he dead?" is all he said to me.

I answered no, but he is in bad shape.

That was it. I drove back to the dog where one of the girls was stll there with him as well as a couple of neighborhood kids. I waited til Joe showed up with the woman in the car with the dark tinted windows and went to work.

I think some people shouldn't have pets.

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