Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jamies Favorite Toys

Jamie will be four in a week! Can you believe it?! She has very distinct likes and dislikes and here is a list of some of her favorite toys.

New Fondness for Stuffed animals - Currently a green TY bunny, a Pink Princess Bear, a TY kittie she got off my desk on Black Friday and of course the loveys - Waddy, Car Waddie, School Waddy, Toddy, Yaddy, and Angel Waddy. (Yes she has Five Lovey back ups - all of them little bear heads on 10" square blankies; but Waddy is the preferred comfort object).

Necklace - I know this isn't really a toy but this girl just loves her necklaces, she has a silver heart with a pink 'jewel' and a 'J' necklace. She had a couple of rings but they were too big and slipped off to get lost.

Puzzles- She is good at these and about to move up to the 70 pieces from the 24 and 48 piece puzzles. (Oh lord more pieces to lose!)

Barbie Dolls- she got a Princess Barbie at Christmas, her first brand new one which joins about 8 she already had.

Vtech motion - this is new from Christmas. we got her 4 additional games. Some are a bit over her head yet, so hopefully this game will be good for a few years.

Coloring - she has coloring books and crayons, and colored pencils. She also has color magic, those pens that only work in the books (which can get expensive!); and a color Explosion which is a light board with pictures to trace with magic markers; and some white board coloring sheets with white board markers. (I think they stopped making these - you can use them over and over, so it's not good for company profits!) Also a white board Princess table she can draw on she got for Christmas. I am so glad my girl colors! I enjoy doing this with her.

Books - she truly likes her books...and she has plenty. we read together every day and she calls out for her favorites. We also always have at least a dozen from the library. Faves include Fancy Nancy, John Lithgow, Broommates (and others by this very talented author I can't recall the name of), and just recently Barbie books.

Clothes. I know this isn't toys but she favors skirts and boots right now. As well as Princess and Tinker bell embellishments on everything from Hoodies down to her panties.

DVD's Again, not toys, but important to her nevertheless. Current faves include: Barbie's Nutcracker and Swan Lake, Eloise - a little girl who lives at the Plaza Hotel (thanks April!); oh and Calliou on On Demand.

Cutting - This is a new favorite passtime, Her teacher suggested she does this more often to hone her Fine Motor skills. So she now has access to a bag of catalogs/magazines and blunt nose scissors she can use to cut with. She did cut one thing she wasn't supposed to once, (One of the cards to the game Candyland) but seems to understand that she stays with the stuff in the bag.

Games- This is a new one. She started playing 'Hi Ho Cherry O' about 2 mos ago, and got Candyland and Chutes and Ladders for Christmas (thanks Cinda!). I hope to morph her to Eurostyle strategy games soon. (may have to buy Cataan for kids.)

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greedygrace said...

Gives me great ideas for Allie's birthday in March!

Allie loves her v-tech, hope Jamie loves hers as well!