Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gift Cards? Guess I am a Grinch!

Ok I was on one of my favorite blogs just now and she mentioned that you are 'supposed' to get gift cards for each of your child's teachers/helpers. I never heard that before. Like I just commented on Lauri's blog
Leap of faith, I just never knew about this 'rule' before! Mike is a high school teacher, I didn't see any gift cards coming from his 100 plus kids! A couple of Christmas cards is what he got.

I got my child's teacher and teacher aid each a box of Chocolate Mint covered Cookie Bites in a tin. I feel that was sufficient, but maybe I am wrong.

As far as I am concerned really, Christmas is for kids, not adults. I just don't see the point of trading gift cards back and forth...or bath salts or knick knacks.

I give my mom and mother-in-law generous checks, because they are both on fixed incomes, and we did for a friend or two that is really strapped. Other than that we buy for Jamie and some of her little friends. And a bit for each other. This year we got 'the Wii Bundle' and some Wii games I got at a company Auction for about $5 each. Mike is getting me a charm (I think) of a little girl, and I may get him the Madden game for the Wii.

That's it. That means I don't run from store to store wondering what to get everyone, freaking out and shopping late at night in exhaustion. I really hate the malls and not too many folks would appreciate my thrift store finds. And yes, all of my friends know...let's just not buy for each other emkay?

My Christmas is much less stressful this way, and it's best for everyone for Mom not to get too stressed.

So am I a big Grinch? Doncha wish you could do it (not do it) too!?


Lauri said...

It seems gift cards is what everyone suggests in our neck of the woods.. but we can't swing that, not for the amount of teachers Livi has.

I think it is just the thought that counts... getting a little something

greedygrace said...

I don't believe in giving a gift to every tom, dick, and harry I've ever met. I only give gifts to those I'm really close to. Allie's teacher will get some homemade treats (Buster's daycare won't get anything because she doesn't celebrate Christmas). We don't give to anyone else-- not the mailman, not the garbage man, No one!