Friday, December 25, 2009

Great untraditional Christmas

We are hanging out playing the Wii while Jamie is napping. Last night was just a casual meal of soup and salads with good friends and my mom. We went to church and sang great Christmas carols while Jamie and Emmie alternatly spazzed out. (I got a great video of them tussling with each other during the 'Children Come up Time' at the beginning of the service...

Afterwards we came back to our neighborhood and joined a 'Haywagon' ride. This new neighbor who completely outdoes us all with his great light displays for both Christmas and Halloween; (and inspired alot of us to put up lights this year) had a rigged 'haywagon'. It was a four wheeler with a trailer with a Small lit Christmas tree and lights on it filled with haybales. He took us all out on a trip around the neighborhood on it to see the lights, then we went to the big display several miles away where over 100 homes had lights strung up in 75 foot trees...It was so crowded with cars snaking through there, it was like being on a slow moving train.

Then back home to sleep and get up and open presents...for almost 2 hours! Jamie was so much fun this year. At first she wanted to linger over each and every gift...then she was rushing from one to the next.

Good times.

Then just now during naptime (Love this kind of where to go nothing to do, no food to make (lots left from last night!) just rest, relax and laugh with my family. I am so lucky - anyway I was reading (catching up) on my favorite blogs. Yondalla over at Thoughts from a Foster Family recommended this very untraditional Christmas song. It is performed by Tim Minchin an Austrailian Songwriter/Pianist/Comedian who is a bit of an agnostic.

Go take a listen. - it just may move you as it moved us..let me know what you think.

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday too.

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