Wednesday, December 30, 2009

North Carolina Post Christmas

Christmas was wonderful, we are just now leaving Mike's brother in laws house near Roxboro North Carolina. As I don't have Wifi in the car (yet) I am typing this up to post later. Jamie is entranced with a new Eloise video and the sun is shining though it is cold as ice here.

We had a very nice visit with Jamie's uncle and grandma and also saw Mikes' aunt and uncle. I still wish there was more of a connection to her other kin when we go to visit to North Carolina as this is Mikes' childhood home. All of his cousins and aunts and uncles live there still, but we rarely see them. I didn't push for a visit to his fathers side of the family this time. I wish Mike felt it was as important as I do...but I guess he doesn't. We spend the entire visit with his mom and brother and that's what is important to him. Jamie was showered with love and presents (one of them a near life sized bowling alley- oh my where in the world will we set that up!?) and Mike and his brother had a riot with the Wii. They especially liked the Madden Football and the Golf that came with the console. I am so glad Mike likes the Madden as it was $50 just for that game alone!

All of the games I bought at the company auction were a bust, except for Excite Bots racing game. One of the games didn't even work - the Word Mah Jong that I thought would be fun to play with my mom and girlfriends; so that was disapointing. The other games - 6 Flags, some sort of zoo game, Cheerleading, and another I can't remember got the worst reviews online; but Jamie may enjoy...We will see. At least that auction was for a good cause, United Way. Companies send games, movies and books to be reviewed by the newspaper I work at, and every year we have an auction to sell them and the proceeds go to charity. I paid about $60 for 6 Wii games and thought I had a great deal, but turns out, not so much.

Meanwhile I would like to get the Wii Fit, one of the Mario brothers games, Zelda and maybe this game that is only on the Wii channel called Blob. (that got some fabulous reviews online). Did you know the Wii comes with internet access; a nifty photo viewing channel and a channel with downloadable Nintendo games?

So the Wii ends up being a Money pit as we already bought the extra controllers and numchuk and two wheels...We are into it for well over $300 already and have at least $200 earmarked to buy more for.

But it's a blast so it's worth it.

We will be home in time to get things in order around the house and get ready for going back to work on Monday. I guess I am ready. I feel much more relaxed despite my back up person Facebooking me with questions/problems with my accounts on Monday and Tuesday. I am sure it was my fault he didn't have all the answers, but that is the way it territory is complicated and alot needs to be done every week. I just had to prepare as best as possible and let go and go...I can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about work so let me change the subject now!

As I was saying we had a nice restful visit. My mother-in-law had prepared a HUGE dinner for Christmas (which we weren't there for) but we got to eat the left overs the next 3 days. I overpacked, I brought the stuff to make soup or chili with, leftover Veggie Beef soup from Christmas and 5 Bean salad, so our cooler is almost as paced as it was when we arrived. So although I did alot of dishes while we were there, I didn't have to prepare any food and basically relaxed on Facebook. :-)

Looking forward to getting home, unpacked and seeing my kitties. Will probably do the same thing we always do on New Years Eve - stay home. We are such homebodies!

What are you doing for New Years Eve?

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