Wednesday, December 30, 2009

7.5 hours into the journey

Ok we are so done with being in the car. I am tired of hearing “we wish you a Merry Christmas” and “I want to go to a restaurant!” The first from a Christmas DVD we are watching for the 3rd time; the former from my daughter who is miserable and wants out of the car. So do I.

This journey should be 9 hours but we will not be making that mark as we are in stop and go traffic on I95 southbound through South Carolina. Why in the world is I95 only 2 lanes in each direction!?%$U#_$()#

Anyway as I type this we are leaving South Carolina! Maybe Georgia has an extra lane to help open up this jam. Why the heck is their a traffic jam on the Wednesday after Christmas anyway? I could see the Sunday after, but the Wednesday?

Or is everyone in the North making their way down to the warmer Florida climes? We left at 10:30 am and it was 33 degrees. It is now 6pm and its up to 58 Degrees…

Aahh the minitue of our travel details…

Back to “I want to go to a restaurant….I want Waddie…I can’t hear my movie…”

And we are back in the land of three lanes!! Traffic has opened up at last. Thank you Georgia! South Carolina get with the program!!

Things that bug me about my daughter:

She pulls her necklace up on top of her nose straining the chain. I have warned her enough, it is breaks she will have to pay the natural consequences as I will not be fixing or replacing it any time soon. (I started this list as she was doing this, and giving me a sidelong glance to see if I would try to stop her).

Her constant whining at times.

She is as messy as her father and I and reluctant to do the work to put things back in order.

An emergent wise guy ‘tude’. I hope it’s just a phase and we are able to nip it in the bud, but I fear she has a strong personality like her parents and I wince when I hear myself yelling at her. Durnit.

Things I love about my daughter:
Her delight in all things Christmas.
Her love of music and songs.
Her love of the written word.
Her sparkling eyes and happy nature. (most of the time!)
Her social nature – she has so many friends all ready and they are so important to her!
Her exhuberant greetings. (She runs to you and says “MOMMMMMYYYY!!!” at the top of her lungs…or “Grandma’ Or “Daddy”…you get the picture).

Well it’s now after 9pm and we are still on the road. Mike went ahead and took a 20 mile detour on a state highway that runs along this interstate and we were actually moving…when the highway crossed back over the Interstate we could see things were moving again so we reented I95 and are sailing along finally. This has been the longest journey btn N.Carolina and Florida I can ever remember. Hope we are home by ten. (crap that’s 11.5 hours!!) I’m telling you I don’t like to travel at all during the holidays!!

What is going on? Is everyone and their mother on the road this evening?!

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