Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Computer Problems

Sorry I haven't been blogging, I have burned through 2 of the four laptops we have in the last couple of weeks. And my baby Toshiba (original laptop with a 13" screen) has started acting up too.

We are waiting for a replacement for the new cheap one we bought and the other one to come back from repair from the Geek Squad...

Chik Fil A tonight with friends and at trip at long last to the scary monster store for Jamie to see her hearts desire...that girl just loves Halloween! There wasnt too much crying or screaming for what she wanted...which was a Princess Candy Bucket, A Batty Fairy Princess costume and of all things a little Geisha girl costume.

Can you believe all the Halloween stores this year? They are springing up like Fireworks stores in the summertime....

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