Friday, October 2, 2009

Reading any John Lithgow?

Do you know of John Lithgow? You know the funny guy who played an alien dad in that quirky show 3rd Rock from the Sun? We just love the John Lithgow childrens books. ' I got 2 Dogs' which is a true story of him and his 2 dogs Penny and Blue and is basically a very catchy song and comes with a cd; 'Carnivale of Animals' which is based on a Ballet piece and has a cd to go with it and has opened up my girls eyes to classical music...she likes the 'picolope' (Piccolo);and 'Micawber' - the story of a squirrel in NY city who goes to the Museum of art every day and looks through the glass ceiling at the paintings within.

Most of them come with CD's but the latest Lithgow book we got is about a boy who plays many different musical instruments - The Remarkable Farkle McBride -and is the only one so far that doesn't come with a cd, music or otherwise. I just went to Wikipedia and learned this:

In June 2002 Lithgow released his second children's album Farkle and Friends. It was the musical companion to his book The Remarkable Farkle McBride, which tells the story of a young musical genius. Farkle and Friends features the vocal talents of Lithgow and Bebe Neuwirth backed by the Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra.

So I guess I will look for that CD maybe the next time we are at the library.

These books offer all of us some pleasure. And I have found that no matter how wound up Jamie gets; reading books while laying down in our bed right before we put her to bed is a ritual that is never skipped. Even if she isnt' being a well behaved little girl. It's our entire family's time to wind down, cozy up and read or listen.

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