Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall fun

This was at the not so Amaizing Acres last weekend. The corn was hip high and thus the maze was really not all that amaizing! All of us adults that went came from Northern parts where the corn gets as high as an elephants high...but this corn was about puppy dog eye high. At over $35 for four to enter (We brought Jamie's friend Emmie from Church), we thought it was a bit pricy. It was a huge ex-chicken farm, the folks that owned it had to change gears when Tyson pulled out of town. So they built a corn maze and charge admission to ex-northerners who are homesick for a traditional autumn setting. It was way out in the boonies, they had a corn pool, hay bales to climb on, and a playground as well as the corn maze.
We were very blessed with the cool fall weather, only a high of 65 or so and sunny. Jamie, Ander and Emmy really like it though, I guess that is what counts.

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