Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jamie's school Photos at 3 3/4 yrs old

Ok so last year this place did the photos at her school and they warn you that they will be full body poses, that shoes will show. And I just didn't like the photos that much. Her head was so small you could barely see her beautiful face. So this year in 'Special Instructions' I put 'Make her head be the central focus, I don't care so much for a full body pose.

What do you think? I think they took offense at my suggestion..this third shot is riduculous- I didn't mean for her head had to be the only thing in the photo!!!

Also they had a warning on the photos saying there was some kind of chemical in the photos that would 'explode' or 'may harm your photos' if you scan or copy them.

Is this some kind of BS or what? Last year, when I saw this warning, I asked for them to send me a digital copy so I could blog with the photo and they never did despite me calling them again.

I'm a bit put out with this company...but the photos are nice doncha think?

So we took a chance and scanned them anyway, guess we picked the ones that didn't have the special chemical in it!

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greedygrace said...

Cute cute cute!

That's a trick we used to say when I worked at Kinko's to try to keep people from copying copyrighted material. I never had to clean up an explosion!