Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jamie's New Teacher

Her new teacher is a dream come true! She is a middle aged woman, but she is so confident and laid back! And warm! She greets my little girl with enthusiasm, you know like she is really glad to see her. Such a relief.

Other news, Jamie started her real Ballet Class Thursday and she loves it! Her other class is actual called Rythmic Movement, and in that class she learned how to skip on Saturday. Yes Skipping is a big thing at this age...A milestone they tell me. She looked so cute.

Jamie's posse was missing at church today, she wasn't so thrilled about being there.

Mike is still working crazily every day and night. There was a great letter to the Editor about how the teachers are so busy jumping through hoops for the state and district they can barely teach...Here is the link if you would care to see what he is up against.

Between football and his workload I am feeling a bit like a weekend widow. I need to get out more....

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