Sunday, September 28, 2008

Getting ready for the consignment sale

I have been a avid thrift store/consignment shopper for Jamies clothes, many were bought before we even got Jamie! It's probably suffice to say that she has way too many clothes. I haven't gotten rid of many of them, oh some to Goodwill and a full load to a consignment shop once where I got about $130 for what I sold to her. She probably paid too much (although it was a huge amount of really cute 6-9 month baby girl clothes) as she went out of business a month or two later.

Anyway there is this consignment sale here in town twice yearly in a huge venue and I am finally a consignor! I begged to get my UPC code early so I could start tagging the huge amount of baby clothes I had (6-8 Big Pampers Boxes filled). You have to get the template of your tags with the UPC code on it printed on card stock at the office store, and buy safety pins and hangers - lots of hangers!

I am nowhere near being done tagging the stuff but am more than half way through. I only told the lady I would be bring 100 pcs of clothing and it's probably closer to 200 pcs! They all have to be hung up on hangers with safety pins (clean and pressed of course) and the tags pinned to the right front of the garment.

Our house has looked like a clothes bomb went off for several weeks, (months really). I know it is driving Mike crazy but he is so nice about it. Mike traded the baby swings and bathtub and safety coaster to the generator repair man in lieu of the $38 repair fee last month during the hurricane scare, so we don't have the larger items to grapple with. Just lots and lots of clothes! Hope this sale brings us at least a couple hundred dollars for my trouble.


greedygrace said...

You'll have to let me know how this goes! I'm thinking about becoming an ebay-er just so I can get rid of some of Allie's old clothes!

Marthavmuffin said...

Yes I have thought about Ebay and sold some stuff on Craigslist but this way I don't have to do the phone and email work, and the shipping or meeting up with the folks. Just prepare everything, haul it all down there and hope for the best!