Saturday, September 20, 2008

She Called me on it

When talking to a friend this week about still being sick after 2 weeks, she suggested I may want to go to the Dr. and said to me "Didnt you just say last week how much it bugs you when your husband won't go to the Doctor?"

Ahem...Hmmm guess she is right. She called me on my own stuff! I got off the phone with her and called the Dr. Office and got an appointment for the next day. I think I am so smart that I am going to get myself better - every time I think, I will just drink lots of water and take Mucinex and I will get it all flushed out. Well there should be a time that I just get a cold and actually can 'heal' myself, or ride it out. It just doesn't seem to happen anymore! I get sick and stay sick until I finally go to the Doctor. It had been 2 weeks and I was getting worse not better, so off to the Doctor I went on Wednesday.

I have an ear infection. Get that, I just didn't know adults got ear infections, but there you have it. Of course the sinuses are probably also infected so the high powered antibiotic oughta take care of both. So I am on the road to recovery at last. Or so it seems, I still feel a bit tired, but it's getting better I think. I hope so - the Google ads at the top of this blog have something to do with sickness and sinus problems every time I come here now!

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