Monday, September 22, 2008

3 computers down

My desktop computer or what my husband calls 'the server' or 'The Gateway' went down a few weeks back. As he invested in a print server a couple months ago, this didn't affect us so we let it slide. It left us with 3 laptops, his from school and my personal Toshiba and his personal Acer. My Toshiba's power cord went down Thursday (for the fourth time - good thing we invested in the 3 yr warranty!) and his Acer crashed hard on Saturday and may not be revivable. So Sunday I opened the Best Buy flyer and they had a 3 different laptops for around $500. I am typing this on Mike's new Toshiba with 180 gb harddrive and 17" wide screen. It's crazy how computers have become so integral in our lives. I guess we need to get the Gateway and Mike's Acer looked at to as backups. In the meantime we will just add a little to the debt load, the darn 3 yr warranty was almost as much as the laptop - $300 - but if we had it on the Acer the repair would be free (or replacement!) The warranty on my laptop ends in January, may want to extend that as well. Someday we will get out of debt, but it's hard when toys are so expensive and hard to live without.

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