Saturday, September 20, 2008

Going and not going

Poor Jamie wants to be go - go - going and lately we have been stay- stay - staying, mainly because I was just not feeling up to anything adventurous. Since I felt a bit better today we went to Toddler Art at the library. We used to go every week, but don't go so much anymore. Summer time on Saturdays we want to be near our pool is one reason and the other more recent reason is my health.

Anyway we went today and couldn't find our usual on street parking so we circled the block and parked in the Parking Garage which the library validates for free usage on Saturdays. After we finished at the library we went back to the van and tried to leave the garage and the machine took my ticket but didn't raise the arm to let me out. What the heck?!

First I called the number on the sign by the exit. You know the one that says "this parking garage is run by ACME corp - if you need assistance you may call 555-1212'. Upon calling it I discover the mailbox was full. (Don't you just hate that?!)
So then I tried following another car closely to get out, but no go. The arm came right down and I couldn't get through. So I got out of thevan and tried to get a nother ticket but they only give tickets to cars, not to people. Hmmmm what else, I got on the cell and called my husband to get the non-emergency Police number. (What did we do before cell phones!?) After explaining my story to the police dispatcher I got a very bored robotic 'I'll send somebody out'. When I called Mike back he was all hopped up. "if they don't get someone there in 15 minutes I am going to call 911!" I calmed him down "Honey we have 5 Princess Books and 6 Witches books and a Dee Vee Dee (spelling this part); and we stopped
at the coffeeshop and got an iced coffee for me and a cookie for Jamie so we will be fine. Don't call the police back specially on the emergency number,this isn't an emergency and we will be fine".

An hour later and the police weren't there so I called them back. This dispatcher told me there were alot of calls downtown today (oh yeah Obama is in town, no wonder there wasn't any parking on the street!) so it may be quite a while. We parked the van back in the garage so we could go to the library to see if someone could help. As we were walking out a woman was pulling into the garage. I asked her if she would mind backing up and pulling back in so it would pop out another ticket, but she has a monthly pass which she had just swiped to get in. Oh well, on to the library...On the way the museum security guard was on the street, but he couldn't help me. As I was about to turn the corner I hear "Ma'am!" It was the lady with the garage pass. She said she would let me use my card to pull out. As she did that the policeman pulled up. I talked to him and he said he wouldn't have been able to do
anything anyway...But I said he needed to know so this company could be contacted. This was ridiculous! He agreed, so I used her card, gave it back to her, and she was unable to reswipe it as I was leaving. Hope she figured it out, at least Johnny Law was there to help.

As Jamie and I got on the road heading towards home we got stuck in a traffic jam, I have never seen so many Obama bumper stickers! It was kind of fun, we rolled our windows down and me and Jamie started chanting "Obama! OBAMA! OBAMA!" and others
joined in. Making a memory.

Well this was my 100th post- woohoo. Omigolly, and although this is an adoption or mommy blog so to speak, I feel like I can blog about whatever is going on with me. I do stay away from blogging about work as this is about me, not what I do for a living. Mike has posted twice, so it isn't really 'our' blog, face it this blog is all mine!

I think I have a few regular readers and it's nice that you come and visit me in my little corner of the blogospere. Thanks for reading and as always comments are always appreciated!


Lyn said...

Just curious if you plan on adopting a second child someday?

Marthavmuffin said...

Probably not thought we arent adverse to it if Jamies Birthmom has another. (She would probably come into the system). Mike is over 50 and Im getting close. We are older parents and are happy with just Jamie.