Saturday, September 6, 2008

Last weekend's slide show

Last Saturday was fun at Anders house, then coming home and doing the Playdoh frame which Ander got for her (which she loved!) but the next day she was sick with a cold. (Which daddy got Tuesday and Mommy got today)

We are watching the Weather channel daily, all hurricanes all day is still the mantra.

I heard from my dad today, he had an Anuerism in his leg which they discovered during tests (thank god) and is in a rehab center following his operation 2 wks ago. I didn't hear from any of my four step brothers and sisters who are up there in Michigan with him, which upsets me a bit...For some reason we just don't communicate anymore. I guess I need to start calling them regularly so the door of communication is more open. I hate to think that they wouldn't let me know if something really horrid happens with dad. Need to swollow that pride and make some calls I guess....

Warning: TMI about my sinus problems below. If you don't relate, skip this part!

Well I am hoping to stave off the effects of this cold. I took some Halls Early defense and also some Mucinex (Not the 'D' just the straight Muccinex) which for me is the wonder drug off all wonder drugs. I also use my homemade salt water sinus solution to irrigate often (1 gallon of non tap water, 1 tbl sea salt 1 tsp of baking soda; then use one cup of solution heated slightly in microwave) I find it's best to thin out those secretions and loosen the clogged up sinus chambers and get it out before infection sets in. I used to have sinus infections 3-4 times every year, I had sinus surgery in 1996 and I have only had about 1 infection per year lately with my new proactive health regime. Here's to hoping I can head it off again this time!


greedygrace said...

Did you give the salt solution stuff to Jamie, too? Allie had a bad cold all week and she's just now starting to get better. I don't like running her humidifier all night, but it's the only thing that seems to help.

Marthavmuffin said...

No I haven't tried to have Jamie irrigate as the procedure is a bit intense. You have to lean over the sink and squeeze half a cup up each side of your nose and let it come back out. I can't see her doing that yet. Yup the humidifier works for her too.