Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Did I get gouged?

The other day I pulled up to a pump that was advertising a good price - $3.64 per gallon. After pumping $99.50 into the tank and getting the receipt I noticed that I pumped silver instead of regular, the midgrade, and it cost me $4.29/gallon! I feel like I got gouged, all the other stations in town are a bit higher on regular, but none have mid grade over $4. I'm not saying that they switched it on me, it probably was my fault for picking the wrong lever, but that big of a price differential? Come that station owner is making up for selling regular at such a low price, just takes a few dumbies like me to make a mistake and he makes it up - $.50/gallon (guessing the fair price is probably 3.79/gallon) times 20 gallons times number of dumbies...hmmmm...This station was even on the news for having low prices. Do you feel like you have gotten gouged?

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