Friday, October 3, 2008

TGIF, Cool weather and Halloween is coming

Finally we are facing a weekend with all of us healthy for a change! And the weather has turned it is finally in the low 80's for a high and the nights and mornings are cool enough to wear a sweater. This used to be the time of the year that I would start feeling a bit depressed, in Michigan the winters were long and grey - you would hardly see the sun between October and April. And here this time of the year means no more use of our pool which I dearly love (as does Jamie!). Jamie and I took a little swim on Sunday and it may be the last time, the water temp was about 76 degrees which doesnt sound cold, but it was a bit nippy. Usually during the summer the pool is between 86 and 92 degrees.

I took the stuff to the consignment sale this week. Initially I had over 200 items, they turned only two down, one for a snag and one for a stain, and also they sent back about 25 sleeveless dresses to bring back for the spring sale. As a consignor I was able to shop at the early sale this week, and I spent about $100 on some costumes, toys and a few clothes. One of the dresses was a beautiful boutique purple velvet dress and I paid $10 for it but it is simply gorgeous. I also got a couple Princess costumes, the Yellow 'Belle' Costume which is better quality, but a bit too large for Jamie this year, and the Blue Cinderella has the tulle bodice torn, which I am going to try to fix it as this one fits her better now.

I really scored on the toys. I got lots of Princess toys that appear to be new, most are in the box and I am saving most of them for her birthday and Christmas which will be here before we know it.

Jamie is simply wild for Halloween this year. She loves to say the word SCCCCCCAARRRY with a charming little trill in her voice and loves to go see the witch at Walmart who stands about 5 feet tall and cackles maniacally. I initially got her a Batgirl outfit but she is so Princess all the time I kept looking for what I thought she would really love and am glad I could find some Princess options for her. (Walmart didn't have any Princess costumes for Toddlers for some reason). I will take the Cheap Batgirl costume back. (some of these costumes can't even be hand washed, they are barely put together and fasten with velcro instead of buttons, no hems and tulle for bodices! If you buy something cheap that you arent going to use at Walmart - don't make the mistake I did one year at Christmas. Any holiday items purchased at Walmart must be returned BEFORE the holiday, they just won't take it back after the holiday passes, receipt or no receipt.

Oh and Jamie went Poopoo in the toilet this morning! This was so very calculated - she did it first thing this morning, we both sat in there and practiced nursery rhymes while she sat on the potty and low and behold - 'PLOP'! We were both so excited we took a picture to show Daddy. I almost want to post it here, but I guess I won't I know a couple readers wouldn't like it. If I could figure out how to make it a click through hot link I would do it...Anyway we are going to do panties this weekend and see how it goes. Which means I guess we need to stay close to home. WHat are you doing this weekend?


Torina said...

That is so hilarious that you took a pic of your daughter's first toilet turd! One for the baby book!

Patty said...

How did we spend our weekend . . . hmmm? At Solantic (we've both had a vicious cough for about 10 days now), then putting in a water softner, @the movies (Flash of Genius) and that's about it for today.

Tomorrow we're hopeful we'll get to church (John has not been sleeping at all with this cough) and then probably football until the BIG game @8:00 p.m. GO JAGUARS ! ! !

As far as Jamie-Girl's poop, do what Kate (Jon & Kate +8) does, put a HUGE X over it and then maybe people won't mind so much.

P. S. we'll be putting in a heater in 2 - 3 months . . . wa hoo ! ! !