Sunday, October 19, 2008

Early Halloween Party

We went to our first costume party as a family. It was a riot, Jamie had a blast! The party was a costume themed party where the theme was a real life game of Clue. Mike was Mr. Green so he dressed in green, Jamie was Cinderella so I decided to dress as a witch as Jamie just loves the witch at Walmart. Well I went all out, painted my face green and got a long dress and cape at a thrift store, topped off with a witches hat. While Jamie was napping the afternoon before the party I painted my face (with a mixture of baby powder water and food coloring which was fine til I washed it off, then my face stung for 24 hours!). When Jamie woke up from her nap I went in there with a cackle and she cried! She was scared and cried for at least 3-4 minutes! Then she was almost giddy, "Mommy face is funny" she said over and over again.

Anyway this party was a hoot, they really did it up, the kids (about 15 or so, where roaring around the house looking for clues and everyone dressed up.The hostess was Miss Scarlett and the Host was Sherlock Holmes, there was also Professor Plum, Col. Mustard etc... There was wonderful food, and games and a bounce house (which Jamie loved), a pinata and plenty of party favors, like mini magnifying glasses, mini flashlights,ball paddles, tattoos, and candy. Oh boy was Jamie ever jacked up!

And then she was quite cranky today during the "Oh we are just at home?" let down. I had my mom over tonight though and we lit up all the pumpkins and played Halloween music and had a bit of our own little party.

The party continues this week. I think Halloween is going to be big around here for the next several years.

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Rebeckah said...

I just saw your link on bossy's page and came over to look at your blog because you had such a compelling smile! I am too tired now to read about your costume party, but I am going to bookmark your page and come back tomorrow : ). Hope you have a great new week!