Thursday, October 9, 2008


"Go to the circus Mommy?"
Jamie went to the circus with Aunt Patty and Uncle John a couple weeks ago and now she asks to go again...quite often. She also asks to go to "Kirstens party mommy?" How do you explain the concept of an event to a 2 yr old?

"I tired Mommy!"
This is said after tears and meltdowns when she didn't get a long enough nap. For some reason at daycare she only naps for 45 minutes or so. She is the last one to sleep and the first one to wake up. It doesn't help that they nap at 12:30 when Jamie really isn't naturally tired til 2pm. Also they weren't giving her her lovey.

"Go see the witch Mommy?"
As you can see my girl is a go go goer. She would go see that witch at Walmart every day if we took her. It stands about 5 feet tall and laughs maniacally and has a skull that she swings in front of her that lights up. Jamie just loves it. But I don't think she is ready for Halloween Horror nights yet.

"I wanna play my puzzle"
Jamie just loves her puzzles. She can do the 24 pc puzzles that are meant for 3-5 yr olds pretty quickly. We may need to move up, but the next step is 100 piecers which I don't think she is ready for.

"Wanna go on the big toilet"
This girl is pretty much potty trained! And she prefers the tall toilet to the potty chair. Works out good for 2 parents who aren't fond of scraping feces out of a plastic pitcher.

When my blackberry rings she thinks it's daddy. Even when I am calling it to find out where it is.

"I wanta see _________"
Fill in the blank - Grandma, Aunt Patty, Unka John, Ander, Aunt Cinda, Aunt Chris, Uncle Bruce. I have been keeping my girl from her social calendar lately. We need to get out more and visit folks now that we are all healthy.

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