Thursday, October 9, 2008

My proceeds from the consignment sale

I am relatively satisfied with my proceeds from the recent sale. Despite bringing back over 100 items when the sale was over I sold 87 items for a total of $288.50. After the $10 fee and the $100.98 commission I netted $177.52. (Of course I also spent about $120 in the two sh0pping trips I made there - one at the early bird sale for the consignors and Sunday at the half price sale. The picture above is of me and my friend Cinda who also consigned and bought from the sale at the Sunday half price sale.

Well I will be taking those 100 items back to the spring sale and hope for a new crop of folks more inclined to buy what I had- and I probably need to reprice some of it more reasonably. I couldn't believe all the holiday gear that was still there on Half price Sunday - I guess its something that we all buy alot of but the kids don't wear out.

I was happy to see that 6 of the 8 pairs of shoes taken were sold, the Octagon Baby gate sold (probably for $16 as I didn't see it Sunday morning at the half price sale) among the other items that were mostly clothes and a most of the baby toys I took. My neighborhood is having a garage sale this weekend, if I had some way to hang up stuff I would think about putting it out and giving it a shot, but we will probably skip it. Our time is just too valuable anymore!

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