Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The gate worked!

Well the gate worked, this morning anyway. In fact if it wasn't for the gate, I would have been late for work as I slept in. I woke to Jamie calling that the gate was locking her in.

Now another blogger that I read Lisa, (aka GreedyGrace) gave me the tip about using the gate when we were trying to keep Jamie in her bed at night, but MIke didn't like the idea of using it as she screamed bloody murder if we put it up when she was still awake at night. But I convinced him that she would be all right, it would keep her safe.

She was a bit upset about it, but got over it quickly. More importantly she was safe. :-)


Kris said...

Such good news!

SD said...

I say....Safety Always First! Good job! I am glad something worked. Since both of mine are a bit too little yet, the "Time-Out" thing? (they need!) but they just don't "get it" yet at all. I tried a Time-Out chair recently....and I had it face the corner even....they thought "how cool" then on their own accord they just kept going back over to it, and sitting in it for fun, and laughing even! ...because I guess it was a new concept that must have seemed "fun". They did not get the discipine aspect of it AT ALL. I was hoping for more of a "light switch effect" and Bam! They would quickly understand and be corrected...but Nooooo. So I am sooo happy to hear your baby gate worked as ya had me worried I would be dealing with what you are now (pretty soon) only double!

Deborah Mata said...

WE love our gates! They are wonderful.We have used them for years.I am glad it worked!