Friday, January 30, 2009

More Party Pics

I know I could have done a slide show, but I just wanted to get these up. The first blond boy is my friend Michelles youngest Jordan, and the other little boy is Alex, my friend Dianas grandson - he looks so much like her!

It's been a week. Work is very stressful. In sales it is never 'Thanks for doing a good job', it's 'what are you going to do for me now.' Anyway I can handle it ... I just need to keep on doing what I can do. I am so glad it is Friday and my life is my own for the next 2 days. We may go to the library tomorrow, and mom is coming over to cook for us on Sunday. I just need to buy the ingredients. Wow, I don't get many meals cooked for me!

Happy weekend everyone!

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SD said...

Always a bonus when Mom's are doing some cooking! My Mom's food rocks! (we are an hour away now I don't get to eat it enough) It does make ya really appreciate it huh? My work totally sucks....always busy and hardly ever a thanks. So I know what you mean. But hey, it pays some bills. Jamie's party pictures are so cute-she looks like she had such a fun time!