Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not intended to be taken apart after assembly

See that playdough press below? It's the Magic Swirl Ice Cream shoppe by Playdoh. It's an ok toy, she seems to like it anyway although its a mess to clean up after. Anyway after playing with it the first time, I tried to take it apart to put it back in the box...and I couldnt figure it out. So I emailed Playdoh...and that is the answer they gave me. WTH?! I don't have an unlimited amount of storage! I am tempted to take it back. Only then will they design these toys to be convenient for moms - when they get the hint.Guess I should go review it somewhere and point that out.

While I am on the subject I bought one of those 'Color Wonder' coloring books set and it was supposed to come with 3 pens and a stencil. Well there was a slit in the package and the stencil was missing...Crayola doesn't seem to have any way to contact them onthe internet, just a toll free number, which is only working 9-5. WTH?

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SD said...

I know! It seems like so many things these days are marketed half A_ _! Plus when something breaks or a kid eats it...or whatever....you have to wait like 2 hrs on a customer service phone line to get an "actual" person---that is unless it is their coffee break, lunch break, after business hours or away from their desk for a "meeting"----so frustrating sometimes!
But little Jamie is too stinkin cute!!! I'll be she created masterpieces in playdoh! :-)