Monday, January 19, 2009

Mommy my pullup is wet!

Every night for the past week or so Jamie has to get up after going to bed to go potty. Even when she goes right before bed. She is able to open her door now, but when she does she comes out and closes it. And can't get it open from the outside. Every night she pees in her diaper, comes out and says, mommy my diaper is wet. So tonight we put her in a pullup and put a potty in her room and told her not to come out of her room. Nope, you guessed it, Mommy my pullup is wet. She opened the door twice and Mike handled it both times, I think it was an improvement - many nights she is up four or five times after bedtime.

We are perplexed. Jamie has always been so good about going to bed.

How do you handle a child that won't stay in bed?

(I tried to post a pic of her in bed, but my computer isn't showing me the thumbnails of my photos, so I had to pick one at random)


SD said...

Ugh! I don't know-mine are still way under 2--so I am not there yet. But my son was tough! He is a teen now, but I remember well those days. Half the time he ended up in our bed too, (or no one slept!) he was sooo hard to potty train. I hear girls are often easier. My little niece is 4 and is still having troubles at night. Jamie will no doubt just grow out of it all, but in the meantime...Good luck!!!

greedygrace said...

I had a baby gate installed in the doorway of Allie's room for awhile. I'd leave it open, but told her if she got up, I had to close the gate. A couple nights of her having the gate closed did the trick. She still has her bad nights, but they're a lot better now!

Frederik Urshgur said...

I would suggest employing restraints, like the leather ones you might have had in a previous life. If you indeed still have such hypothetical restraints, they'd have to be retrofitted, of course. Our good friend Keith H. over at Noir Leather could do such a thing, so call Lisa at Noir, she'll set you up.