Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bouncing off each other

We have had plenty of togetherness in our more than 2 weeks from school and work, maybe too much togetherness! We were snapping at each other all day yesterday despite a trip to the park to work out some wiggles. I taught Jamie to ride her trike this week in the driveway and we took it to a park with a huge parking lot for some more practice. We saw a huge eagle type bird swooping over us and Mike and I were staring at it while Jamie went down the very high slide there. She ended up face first in the dirt! Poor baby...

Then this morning trying to get the sweeper to work I broke the electrical charger part to it. Then while putting something away in the closet an electric frying pan I had never used fell on the ceramic tile and broke. I ended up dragging most of the stuff out of the closet and putting quite a bit of it in the Goodwill. I need to clear the piles of stuff out of the house.

Maybe going back to school and work won't be so bad.


Cinda said...

It's freeing I'm telling you - it killed me thinking of how much I "could have made" on stuff - but I took 10 bags (yes! 10 bags) to the two different stores I like today. I really won't have much to sell in the spring sale, but my sanity (and Craig's) was at risk. ;-)

Oh yeah, the no buy thing is hard already, although I did have "permission" to go today. I think it made it worse, because I kept thinking about not being able to go the next week, or the next, or the next. Craig is trying to talk me into February too!!!!

Marthavmuffin said...

Wow 10 bags! I was going to call you tonight after Jamie goes down...I started another blog to track my silly progress. It's not a blog to really read and share, but it's there (Connected to my profile if you want to check it out)

greedygrace said...

(Did I already comment and it's awaiting owner approval? I can't remember!)

I feel the same away! I'm such a bad Mommy, but I am SO ready to go back to work!