Thursday, February 21, 2008

RIP Corky October 1997-Feb 21, 2008

Corky in his glory

Poncho and Kimba (who passed away in October)

My mom called me at work sobbing this morning. She had just found her beloved boy cat Corky dead under the couch. She is disabled and isn't able to get down on her knees so I am not sure how she got to him. It was horrible... I felt so bad for her. And with her now living on the other side of the state I couldn't come and help her like I did the last time one of her pets passed away. I had to make suggestions and just commisserate with her over the phone. This will be so hard for her. Corky was her constant companion and she loved on him so much. She does have another kitty-Kiwi but Corky was her favorite.

In 1997 she had just lost 2 cats in quick succession and I knew she needed another kitty. I went to my local pet store to get cat food and saw this litter of kittys - 2 all black females, and two males - one tabby and white and a black tuxedo(black and white). The tabby and white looked alot like my moms previous favorite boy Grantlee so I stopped and inquired. It was mothers day weekend, so I found out the lady would be bringing the adoptable kitties back to the store the next day on Sunday, so I brought my mom out there and sure enough she fell hard for him, and I fell for the little tuxedo. So Mom got Corky and I got Poncho. They were 9 months old and were not little kittens, they were pretty much grown they were really adolecents. But that way you could see what their personality would be. I love my Poncho, and she loved her Corky. I thought Poncho would be the first to go of the two as he has a kidney stone and I have been irrigating him with solution 2-3 times per week for the last year and a half and has gotten very thin and languid since Christmas. My poor mom. I feel her pain and know that Poncho's day will be coming all too soon.


Patty said...

I called your mom last night and we spoke for a few minutes. I suggested she call the non-emergency police line & see if someone could help her move the couch or contact animal control to come help her. I also suggested she contact the local humane society for assistance.

She said she might be coming for a visit in a month or two.

She's upset & understandably so

Moneek said...

I am so sorry! :(

Anonymous said...
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