Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jamie is a music lover - especially the French Horn!

She was enthralled

After we were ousted

Jamie is so excited on Sunday morning at nine am when CBS Sunday morning show starts. Those french horns just really get her going. (See sidebar for video).
So when one of our symphony members who plays the French Horn put on a free concert at our library auditorium one Sunday afternoon, we woke Jamie up from her nap and took her there. She was mesmerized for the first 20 minutes and then she got a bit restless. Although she didn't yell or cry she said "mommy" a few times, so we whisked her out of there. We sat her at a chair outside the auditorium to get her picture by the sign, and this older usher woman come cluck cluck clucking out and said we had "already disturbed the performance" enough... Hmmm, guess Jamie wasn't welcome to come back. I told the old hen that if you don't encourage the young to listen, then the symphony won't have any fans in 30 years or so and that we would be back again. She responded that they do have childrens concerts...Hmmm guess she really doesn't want us back there. Too bad. I work during the day and that is when they have the children's performances. And besides I want Jamie to be exposed to all different types of culture and music. Today we went before Toddler Art and listened to an Appalachain story teller/poet. Jamie lasted about 20 minutes at that too. Guess that is about her attention span right now. And that is ok.


Cinda said...

So funny - Ander is the same way with the horn on the Sunday a.m. news. He will now "oooo" to the tune of them.

Extend your limits said...

So how about i just started a blog...hmmm....and i mentioned you in my first

Kami said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm so glad you found your Jamie!

Anonymous said...

i have a toddler too and they should be able to go long as they are not screaming and should call that place and file a complain about the old hen..maybe she should not be working in that place...i feel it is great to take the kids anywere and teach them different things.....good for you