Monday, December 29, 2008

Guess what Jamies' favorite Christmas gift was?

We got her the Kidzone camera and it wasn't cheap. For $60 you get a child's pink camera that has a pretty good view finder on it that allows her to see the photos she has taken immediately, that has some games on it (which we have yet to explore) and most importantly can be dropped repeatedly without damage. I believe these photos were doctored by dad, though I am sure Jamie will enjoy that function when she gets a bit older.

She got plenty of other things including a Dance Cam which she can view herself dancing to songs (we are going to start calling her Narceena!); and a purse that says 'Jamie' on it, lots of puzzles, princess dolls and books as well as a Playdoh Ice Cream maker.

She was on Tv on the local station appearing with Santa on Christmas eve morning. I would love to download a bit of the video but I'm not savvy enough yet. Maybe a picture will suffice...but she stole the show. They were talking to some older kid about all the gifts he wanted and she called attention to the fact that she could see 'Jamie' in the monitors. My little girl sure shines in the limelight!


greedygrace said...

We got a dance cam too-- I haven't taken it out of the box yet. Does Jamie love it? She has something similar already, kind of a karaoke thing, so I was going to regift the dance cam, but I'll keep it if you think it's a hit!

Marthavmuffin said...

Well she definetely likes it - and even more fun with another kid. She quoted me the other day to get us to get it out for her. She said "I Beg of You!" which is a phrase I use when I am trying to get my husband to do something. Heehee so funny.