Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Downtime btn Events

I meant to post a slide show of the Halloween cuteness followed by the Ander's birthday at Chucky's cuteness, but my internet time has been taken up investigating where we should stay while at Disney. Our experience with Jamie in a hotel room hasn't been that great lately. Not that we have really gone 'anywhere' for over a year, but our power went out for one of the hurricanes once this past summer and our Air Conditioner quit another time. BOth times we opted for a $80 trip to a local hotel. Jamie just doesn't sleep with us very well in the same room. We had the tv off, with just our laptops on and she still wouldn't give it a rest. So, although I booked a room at Disney for 2 of our four days there, I have decided to switch over to a 2 room small condo with Kitchen, pool, and playground. It's not right at the park this is true, so we will give up a bit of time for travel back and forth (twice as we will take her back for a nap- we will see how that will go!) But for $80/night the price can't be beat. I read up on the resort, and it doesn't get the best reviews...kind of middle of the road, with some complaints about wear and tear and poor quality of the continental breakfast. THe pools, inside and out, and the jacuzzi and the playgrounds all sound great but the big benefit is WIFI!! Woohoo! I should get my confirmation tomorrow so I can cancel the Disney resort. Hope this place is on the level.

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