Friday, November 7, 2008

I lost all my widgets

I made a change on my blog to include the blogs I read. (please let me know whether I should add you or take you away if you are or aren't there!). When I did that I lost my map with all my visitor locations, and all the other widgets and stuff I had on here. I am ok losing some of it. Jamie's video reacting to the CBS morning show horns was over a year old, but I miss the Flicker Badge and my tracking widgets. I think I had over 4000 hits so far on my blog, which isnt huge compared to alot of the blogs I read, but I am still sad I lost it.

This week was stressful, they laid off quite a few of our longtime employees at the company I work with. This economy is not being kind to the newspaper business. I worry about my friends and family who are not doing well right now financially. I am trying to keep my chin up and my head down. Just keep doing my job and hoping for an upturn.

We also found out our Doctor who Jamie loves is moving out of state. We visited him yesterday to find out we both have colds, not sinus or ear infections (I had him check me while we were there). We also found out Dr. Cannon is going to Texas which makes us both sad. He has such a good bedside manner, he gets her giggling with his "Gimme five" routine every time. We will miss you Dr. Cannon! I might have to find another Peditrician - we will see how the new doctor works out. Shes a she.

I still need to download my shots photos from last weekend, I am so unmotivated lately. I need to shake myself up somehow. Happy Friday everyone.


greedygrace said...

Oh no! :( I'm so sorry, I feel responsible! I don't how you could have lost your stuff!

Marthavmuffin said...

Oh No, update, I just added back cluster maps and stat counter. It's ok Grace really...I wanted a bit of a change. I really like seeing yours and everyone I reads most recent post.

SD said...

Hi There! Found your site! That is too bad your favorite doctors are leaving-hopefully you will find other good ones you like! I don't really know how to add widgets on my blog site-I had to have my hubby put them on--I wanted a tracking one too, but never figured out how to do it. Eventually I hope to get better at it-But this blogging thing is fun! It is nice to have a sort of network with regards to the foster to adopt stuff. Take care and I will follow along!

Cinda said...

We lost our doctor this year too - got a letter stating she resigned and is no longer practicing in Jax. Wonder what happened there.

She had seen Ander since the beginning when we had to go in every 2 or 3 days because he wasn't gaining weight - Imaging that! ;-)

She was always listen the "the puppies" in his chest and "cookies" in his tummy.

Michelle Smiles said...

I would cry if our pediatrician moved. We moved 40 minutes away and I still keep going to him because I love him so much.