Sunday, November 23, 2008

Having a bad day today

We are really having a rough day, I am not sure if it is the anticipation of going to Disney World or if Jamie is coming down with something - which I am afraid she is, but we are having a heck of a day. Lots of yelling and crying, (from Jamie too!) Mike and I just aren't on the same page sometimes and I need to be able to pull him aside and talk to him without Jamie hearing it as she was picking up on it. I was trying to wash her lovey 'Yaddy' and I had it in the back of my jeans, hoping to get down there and put it in the washer before she saw it. No such luck. Mike was up in the bedroom watching the airing of the Gator game from yesterday that was not televised unless you have pay per view and I was getting so frustrated. I had been up since 6:30am doing laundry and trying to get things in order for our trip. Anyway I yowled for Mike to come down and help with Jamie, and when doing so she saw Waddy behind my back and starting screaming for it. I said no I am washing him now, and then Mike entered into the fray, assuring Jamie he put Waddy to bed. Next thing we know Jamie doesn't want to eat breakfast, she wants to go back to bed...Hmmm she slept in til 9:15 and it was only 10:15, methinks something is up. Yup, she just wanted to get up here to check on Waddy. I lost it. Darnit there just wasn't any cause to lie about Waddy's whereabouts! That's life! Waddy needs to get clean just like us! And of couse there were other things I was stressing about, I just don't think lying is a good parenting practice. Geesh I even told her about Poncho dying and showed her his body! So I need some tips on getting on the same parental page with my husband and her daddy.

Anyway she is down for her nap...hope she isn't coming down with anything. At school Friday my mom and I went to see her in this Thanksgiving thing for lunch. I brought Jamies favorite Macaroni and Beef, and we saw the kids in their Indian costumes with a feathered bands on their heads. Anyway there was a kid sitting right next to Jamie who was coughing and sneezing so hard he puked. Lovely...Just in time for Jamie to get sick before our trip. ARGH!

I am trying to read about 4 guidebooks cover to cover about how best to experience the Disney and Universal parks...there is no way. We are old and not up to walking the parks three days in a row, but Mike wants to try it. I was planning on arriving the first day, with no park visit planned, going to a park the first full day, skipping the next day and touring the other park on the last full day, but Mike has assured me 'he will be fine' to tour the parks all three days. What do you think? We are both out of shape and he has issues with his lower back which affect his ability to walk long distances...wish us the best.

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Cinda said...

I can sympathacize!!

We have lost Quack again. It was when I was sick and a little out of sorts and he disappeared that morning! We bought a new thing last night, but it just isn't the same. Naptime has been very difficult since we lost him.

Arghh-- when will I learn not to let him have Quack unless it's bedtime?!?!?!?!