Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Price of Diapers

I know Jamie is coming to the end of her diapered days, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still watch my pennies when I buy them. And I prefer the best of the best for nighttime for my girl – which I believe are Pampers Cruisers. I remember thinking it odd (Before I was a mommy!) that a girl at work only wanted Pampers Swaddlers for her shower, a diaper is a diaper isn’t it? Well no…it isn’t. I find Luv’s are fine for daytime, but Pampers Cruisers are the best of the best and when you don’t change the diaper for up to 12 hours – Jamie goes to bed at 7pm and gets up at 7am – I want the best of the best next to her skin for that long of a period. Anyway a friend asked me today if Walmart had good prices on Pampers. In my experience ~ no they do not.

Publix has the best prices in town on Pampers every so often – about once per month they do the hugest box for $29.99 instead of $34.99. In size 5 there are 124 diapers so it’s 24 cents per diaper for the best Pampers (not Baby Dry but Cruisers) that exist and that is a bang up price. Buying Luvs at the regular price in Walmart is about the same price. A box of Luvs that has 84 in it is $19.99 or .23 per diaper! At one time Luvs were $16 at Walmart but they raised the price so I stopped buying them there. I was pretty darn excited about getting LUVs at BOGO about a month ago at Target. The mega pack for $10.99 had about 46 or so, and I got two packs for that price! - Only .11 per diaper! I went back and bought the BOGO deal about 6 times during that weekend as it was an internet coupon that I could keep printing and using. I use Luvs during the day and Pampers Cruisers at night. I have enough Luvs to get her through another couple months or so.

Any moms out there getting any better deals than that on diapers?

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