Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sick again but not the swine

I dont' know why I keep getting sick, this is the fifth time since Christmas.
Maybe we ran too hard last weekend? Jamie's school had a really cool carnival, with slides bouncy houses, pony rides and a ferris wheel for kids with cages around the seat. Also a great rummage sale. We got a fold up bed for $6; a southern belle dress with a big hoop for Jamie for $1; and lots of softwear for kids - fun game style learning for .50 each. After the carnival we went over to some friends for lunch and a swim in their heated pool. Then on Sunday morning we went to church for the first time in eons; Jamie really loved it. Anyway maybe I ran too hard? I am good for nothing today.

Look at this horsey her Aunt Chris gave her, Jamie loves it she carries it everywhere even bed!

Sne loves big dresses!

This is the pony she rode, his name is Mikey. He was the smallest one and very cute.

And this is her almost pony friend Dakota and Aunt Patty's cleavage


Cinda said...

Love the pictures! Your haircut is very attractive. I'm beat today - busy day yesterday with working all morning and then "scrapping" until 10 last night. ...I got some great organization done though, so that was good.

Marthavmuffin said...

I hate this, I get sick every month! I can't get anything done this way. I did manage to vacuum the pool and the living/dining rooms yesterday as well as 7 loads of laundry. But I have a garden bed I want to prepare so I can plant those watermelon plants and tomatoe plants in. The dirt is so poor I dont think I could sustain vegetable growth in that bed with out some composted manure added to it. But then where do you put the bad dirt to make room for the good?
Boy this is long, I should have emailed you or called you, but now I am heading up for a nap.

Ching Ya said...

You should really get some rest, a nap is a fantastic idea. Hopefully you'll get all charged up and energized,and mostly get well soon. ^^

Great to know you, and the pictures are adorable. Love the new look either.

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Ching Ya said...
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Thandi said...

LOL at the last picture. I hope your week does NOT include any illness!!