Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday Blues times three or Crabby Mommy

I have been absolutely crabby today. It looks like my baby doesn't want to nap anymore, but I sure do. For the second day this weekend Jamie refused to nap. While I was napping...Mike left for Home Depot so Jamie begged to come in and 'nap' with me. Not what I call napping...'Boing boing Boing' Mommy can I have a lollipop, Mommy where's daddy...and so on. So up we got.

We tried the pool but it was barely 80 degrees, and I just didnt want to stay in that water. She stayed in for a bit then we went to the screened porch. She wanted to swing, but crabby mommy didnt want to. So I lowered the swing so she could get herself in and out and perhaps get the swing moving. She started crying hysterically! I don't want my swing so little! I want it big again! Crabby mommy found that absolutely hysterical and started laughing. Jamie didn't find it so funny, she charged at me, her fists pounding. Hmmmm, such a lovely holiday.

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