Monday, May 25, 2009

Going to Hell to Play Euchre I hope

Maybe I will get to play Euchre! While we are in Michigan at the lake cottage that is.

We are staying pretty close to Hell...yes an actual town called Hell MI. I have been there before for a Euchre night one night when I was visiting my dad. Euchre is a little known but a lot of fun card game that it seems only those from Michigan and Ohio know about. You use 9's - Aces only and it involves trump and bidding a bit like spades or pinochle. I really miss the game, I just might have to sneak away and go play. They have these Euchre 'Tournaments' in small bars up there. I dont know why they are called tournaments, you just pay like $4 and you play 10 rounds. If you are in the top three you get some kind of money prize. Typically they are played in bars although I have played them in Elks clubs as well. In that club the prize was meat. Hahaha. First through 10th prize got a raw slab of meat. A butcher sponsored that game. ahhh, good times.

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