Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hooray for my new follower!

Thanks Moneek, I know you don't read all the time, but you have been following me just about since I started this blog so it's great that you became official. Sometimes I think I am blathering away to nobody but I know I have a few readers and that makes me happy for some reason.

I am still sick, I have 2 ear infections and a sinus infection. They are sending me to a pulmonary guy but I can't get in until June. Meanwhile they changed my inhaler to Advair as I seemed to have become dependent on the steroid shots I have gotten 6-7 times since Christmas and I guess Advair has some kind of steroids in it. Yup it apprears I am a steroid user. And that isn't good, it can lead to bone loss.

Ok Ok enough about boring health concerns. Suffice it to say I am still coughing myself into a frenzy several times daily.

Today all three of us went into the pool for the first time this year. Not for long, after dinner we went out there and vaccuumed the pool, watered and planted some flowers and then went for a dip. I even got in the Hottub for a quick soak. Ahhhhh, felt so good.

We are thinking about moving back to the beach where we used to live. We moved out away from the beach shortly after we got married in 1999 in order to get more house for the money. Wish we would have bitten the bullet and gotten something beachside back then. Now to do it we are looking at homes for 300k to get what we want - at least 2000 sf, a pool and a garage are musts. I would also like a kitchen that you can see into the family room from this time- a more open floor plan.

So we are going to get some work done around the old homestead. Have the screened porch polished and painted, and the rotten wood replaced on the shed and also get a new roof. Then we may also get new cupboards and counter tops in the kitchen and have teh living room and dining room and halls repainted. Our ceiling stretches to 20 feet on one side of the living room and hall so there is no way we will be doing it ourself.

So now, not just spring cleaning, spring cleanout!

More about why we are considering a move later. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Moneek said...

YAH! You mentioned me in your blog! :) Thanks to you you've gotten me hooked to reading blogs every morning and the funny thing is most of them are about adoption. I'm sorry your not feeling good. I've been thinking about renting out at the beach next year when my lease at this house is up. I want something right on the many people can say they have lived on the beach? I think it would be a fun night life too. By the way I added that follower button you told me about.