Sunday, May 17, 2009

Voicemail shortcuts!!

"Your car warranty is about to expire..."

"We are calling to remind you about the blah blah blah meeting, Doctor Appt. etc."

"Hi, did you know that as a voter you..."

I a so sick of my home voicemail I was seriously considering dropping it. I have a phone at work I have to check and respond to, a blackberry at work and a cell phone. By the time I get home the last thing I want to do is check the home messages, specially when so many of them are lame. I would much rather you continue to call me than to leave me a message on my home phone. If you can't get me at home, try my cell, or if it's during the week call me on my work line or cell phone. I told Mike I was considering dropping the voice mail part of our home service, but he wouldn't have it. He promised to take the responsibility to check the home messages every night, but neglects to do so....

So, yesterday after listening to several messages some of which I don't know how long were on there as there is no way to know when you haven't listened to your messages every day, I thought to myself, there has to be an easier way! Why ish't there more options in voice mail, like why cant you delete message, right when you hear it, why do you have to listen to the entire message, and if you miss the phone number, why can't you just listen to the part you missed?!?!

Soooo, I did what any modern internet user would do, I did a search for 'Voicemail shortcuts, and found this list on this wonderful gentlemen's blog:

During the Message
77 - quick erase
# - skip, no end-of-msg options
1 - rewind 10 secs
11 - rewind to start
2 - pause/restart
3 - forward 10 secs
33 - skip to end
4 - slower
6 - faster
8 - vol to normal
9 - louder

At End of Message
7 - erase
# - skip, no end-of-msg options
9 - save
5 - msg date/time
4 - replay

Hope you may find some of these options helpful, it works on AT&T home and wireless, and may work on others as well. I am going to check into whether it works on Verizon this week.

Let me know if they work with your systems if you have another company.

Happy messaging!

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Moneek said...

Awesome. I'm going to try it at work.