Friday, May 22, 2009

Private Pooper

One of my favorite bloggers Lisa was blogging on the subject of bathroom habits among married couple and whether you could do #2 in front of your spouse. It reminded me of this time Mike and I were looking for a new house back in '99 before we found this house we live in. One of the houses we looked at had almost everything we wanted, a pool in the backyard, a separate living and family room and 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms...sort of.

In the master bedroom they had torn down a wall between the toilet and the bedroom so the throne was out in the open over towards the corner of the bedroom. The realtor said they were opening up the space of the room and said "Isn't it romantic?" Ummmm ...NO! It isn't. No way no how will I ever be pooping in the same room as my husband or really anyone except my daughter come to think of it. Anyway that led us to our little family joke. We both need a private pooper, while we were househunting whenever we found a house that the master had a toilet stall separate from the bathing and sink area, we would whisper to each other "Private Pooper!"

Hmmm, maybe you had to be there. But can you imagine:



greedygrace said...

Lord, NO! I could never do that, not in a million years! That's a deal breaker!

Lauri said...

Same here... could never, ever, ever... poop in front of anyone- amazed I can do it with the kid in the room

some things you need privacy for

Thandi said...

LOL!I'm with you on that one!