Monday, May 11, 2009

I have over 72,000 Reward Points! Guess what I am getting

THis is the Canon Rebel - one of the 2 entry level digital SLR cameras I have been coveting. Today while checking my reward points on one of my Chase credit cards that was about to expire I noticed the other credit card we use all the time has over 72,000 reward points. Guess what you get for each 10,000 worth of points? $100 gift card from Best Buy. The camera package is $749 and that includes the body, (which has a built in flash; and two lens one 18-55 and the other 70-300 as well as a case and charger. I have been wanting one of these since Jamie was a baby and I realized that a digital point and shoot is never fast enough to get the shot. I am so excited.

Mike can be a bit pessimistic, he thinks it's too good to be true, he thinks Best Buy won't let us use 7 gift cards for the purchase. I say they will. I guess I will call and make sure tomorrow before I order the 7 gift cards.

I want it anyway, now it is so close I can taste it.

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Moneek said...

That's awesome. I'm so jealous. I've been wanting a super sweet camera forever. I think Best Buy will defiantly let you use all 7 gift cards. Cash is cash right? Congrats!