Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cottage Bound!

We are going to go to Michigan to visit my dad and other relatives this summer. As he smokes inside his house and I have been struggling with my asthma/bronchitus, staying with him isn't really an option. When I was a girl we had a couple 'up north cottages' we stayed at some summers in Michigan. The one on a lake with a rowboat was a favorite. We stayed there when I was 13, 14 and 15. I would take that rowboat into town (usually with my brother) and in that little town there was an arcade - can you say pinball wizard. The lady that ran the arcade liked me and let me watch it a couple of times. Boy was that the life for a 14 yr old!!

Anyway I thought it would be alot nicer to stay somewhere; rather than relative hop or stay in a hotel. The hotel would be $100/nite, so why not spring for a cottage on a lake? It includes everything and it even has Wifi!! I don't have it firmed up, but this is the one we hope to stay in. This is the view from inside look at that pretty lake view! It is only 15 minutes or so from my dad's house so that is a big plus too. I am hoping to take almost 3 wks off from work, I turned in the paperwork and haven't heard otherwise, so I am getting really excited.

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Lauri said...

looks like a great cottage, hope you get it