Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lots of work being done around here but not by us. We hired our handyman to spruce up the screened porch he rebuilt, he had to rescreen the top, pressure wash everything and repaint. It looks terrific except all of the stuff is still in the garage and elsewhere. Then today we had the roof started as it was time for a new roof on this house. (we reroofed the house we have at the beach as a rental last summer). Anyway the guys tore off alot from the roof today and then we had torrential downpours about 5pm. Mike called me at work to say there was a waterfall in our living room. He couldnt figure out where the pails and large bins were so I came right home. What a mess. The roofing guys came back and tarped it but it rained a bit later and it is still dripping down off the beam in the center of the living room. So we have four buckets and a cooler running down the width of our living room, all on a bed of tarp. Of course it is supposed to rain tomorrow as well.

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Thandi said...

What a mess...Hope your health problems aren't still there.