Sunday, June 14, 2009

So do these photos look worth it?

So we got our 7 Best Buy gift cards from our credit card usage, and went to shop for the camera - the Canon Rebel- on Saturday morning. Ever shop for something like that with a 3 yr old? Next time we will call Grandma or a friend to watch her as it was EXTREMELY stressful. I have never wanted to duct tape her mouth so badly. It took almost 2 hours to purchase our camera, and a cell phone for my mom.

The camera was packaged as a kit with the 18-55 lens (which has image stabilization) another lens which didn't have it that was 70-200 and a case. Well when we were talking and comparing with the Nikon we got sold on that Image stabilization and asked about upgrading to the better lens 55-300 with image stabilization. It was a lens that was $150 more than the 2nd kit lens, and they said we could upgrade for only $50 additional. So for $779 we got the body, and both image stablized lens and a case. But they were out of the 2nd lens! So they will mail it to us...meanwhile as they were writing up the bill I was trying to occupy Jamie and the guys figured the invoice wrong. I couldn't tell how far it was wrong, but I knew they charged our credit card too much. The manager took the invoice to the back and refigured it and gave us a credit of $100 on our card. When I refigured it later he really should have only given us $75 credit so we ended up with a great deal - for only $25 over the $729 price or $754!

I feel happy with the price, now we will see about the photos. Here are the first few photos, Jamie was napping, so I took one of Mike and one of the Truman and Minnie napping. Then I couldn't resist and took a few of Jamie napping. Heehee I woke her up with the door and she stuck those fingers back in, and they fell out by the 6th photo taken.

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Patty said...

So you kept the "extra" $25 ? ? ?