Friday, June 26, 2009

Lazing by the Lake instead of going to Hell

Mike and Jamie are both napping. We had plans to go to Hell today, yes there is a 'Hell' Michigan! They have a Ice cream shop called Screams that supposedely celebrates Halloween every day, the employees wear costumes and masks and they have Halloween items for sale. Well if you know my Jamie you know that Halloween is among her favorite holidays. We have been having behavior issues at bedtime here at Leisure Days (the name of this lakeside cottage we rented for the week)

Anyway to combat the bedtime tantrums I suggested we try reward rather than punish or use threats. So last night we told her if she behaved well at bedtime and went to sleep we would take her to a surprise after we saw Grandpa for lunch.

It worked~ the child went to bed with relatively no fuss. Good thing too as we need her to behave better for when we are staying with others or in a one room hotel. Anyway after the visit with Grandpa at the pub for lunch we realized we didn't bring the map. And despite what they say about the path being paved with good intentions we just didn't want to try it without the map. (We have a GPS system but it didnt recognize the town Hell for some reason).

So we came back to the cottage and Mike promptly fell asleep on the couch. Jamie was quietly playing with a game so I didnt rock the boat. When Jamie noticed her dad asleep she started crawling on him so I sent him off to bed to nap. She announced she needed a nap too, so here I sit alone in delicious almost silence. I'm out by the water under a shade tree with the wind breezing and the birds tweeting and an occasionaly boat buzzing by.

This is heaven.

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