Sunday, June 7, 2009

This house really is falling apart!

So yesterday we were trying to put the house back together after having the porch redone, shoot I should have taken before and after photos! Anyway Mike was putting all the stuff back out there, and realized our pressure washer was gone! So he called our handyman who said no, he didnt do anything with it...Guess someone saw it out on the porch and snatched it.

In more fun house rehab news, the sink plugged up so we had the plumber out on Saturday morning. Good thing I am an avid couponer, I had one for Sink unplug for $69 even on Saturdays or sundays. The plumber had to get on the roof and fight the roofers for access to clean out that mess. Normally the bill would be $89, so we will continue to use that plumber as he was much more economical than who we used to use. Econorooter for you locals - they don't take plastic, but they charge the same whether it's a weekend or weekday, and my plumbing problems always occur Friday night it seems.

I just sent Mike and Jamie to church by theirselves as I am in a cleaning jag. They don't come along all that often so I need to take advantage of it. Since the rugs are gone I am taking this opportunity to clean the wood floors - thourougly. I mean I am moving everything, and dusting and sweeping everywhere and doing the edges and bad spots on my hands and knees.

While doing this I am trying to find some music/cable channel to keep me occupied and moving and it appears that all of our High Def channels have gone kaput. Geesh it just never ends does it? Guess I will take a longer break and call the cable company. So much for my uninterupted cleaning time!

On a brighter note, despite all the dust I am kicking up I haven't coughed but one time today. Every day this week I have had long coughing spasms - sometimes at work at my desk, and a few times while face to face with my customers. This can't continue!!

Yesterday I went to the Dr for the 2nd time in a week, this time for a physical. He took me off the blood pressure meds that weren't working anyway and put me on something stronger, I have also kicked up to the stronger Advil, and he has me taking a Prilosec every day. Just in case reflux is causing the spasms. I don't know, but something seems better today. Yay!

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