Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's cold up here in the North!

Under the Pond in the 'Pond Room'

Family rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
in Ampitheatre in Michigan Metro Park

I am sitting here under blankets on my cousins couch while my family and hers still drowse away this chilly Michigan morning. It is only supposed to go up to 65 or so today and I bet it is still in the 50's. She has all the windows open which makes a cozy sleeping environment. I slept in socks, jammas and a hoody!
Yesterday we swam in the lake she lives at (although it wasn't hot, it barely hit 75 degrees) with a friend of Kris' and her granddaughter. Jamie had the chance to play with another child which is a highpoint for her, and we just lazed on the rafts, til it started sprinkling. With that weather change, the temperature seemed to drop about 10 degrees or so...
We went to a very nice Metro Park near her home that had wide open spaces with lots of wildflowers and rattlesnake warning signs. (We saw no actual snakes, it was probably too cool for them- though Jamie asked repeatedly 'where are the snakes Mommy') This park also had a very cool thing, a 'Pond room'. They have a tunnel built under the pond with a room where you can view the fish and plants. Very unique and fascinating.
The park also had a small ampitheatre, where when you stood in the middle and orated or sang it would amplify very impressively. We took the opportunity to ham it up.

We have been having a great time, but our time in Michigan is coming to a close. We will be leaving tomorrow for Lancaster Pennsyvania, for a side trip for my dear husband to see yet another presidential gravesite. Yes, that is his ambition to see all of the gravesites in his lifetime.

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