Saturday, November 13, 2010

News and Notes

This week was like every week, running from one thing to the next. I keep books in my car and a game on my phone for down time, but there isn't any down time!! Here are a couple of things I pondered on this week:

AC doesnt work well when it isn't blazing hot- My car was puking out some lukewarm air this week when the outside temp hit about 78. (After starting the morning in the forties with the heat on) As my warranty is about to end I took it to the dealership but they say it's fine. Hmmmm....

The 'I have read and agree button' - you know the one we all just check and proceed when installing Adobe Flash updates. What if they slip in something there that is really objectionable, like "I agree to pay Adobe $100/month to use this formerly Free ware" or "I agree to send my first born to Adobeville when they reach the age of 14" (eerily reminiscent of Rumplestilstiskin) Who knows what we are signing away!

Why do they let murderers change their name? - I watched an episode of 20/20 last night about this guy Peter Zimmer who killed his parents and brother when he was 14 up north in Indiana or Wisconsin. He then only served four years in Juvie for the crime, inherited $177,000 from their estate, and then moved down here to Florida and changed his name. He is now in jail for stalking his girlfriend. She didn't have a clue he was a murderer while with him, she found out since he started stalking her after she broke up with him. (for cheating on her). Oh and he was adopted, and is blaming the murders on feeling abandoned.

Did you hear about the Facebook case where the worker got fired for posting on FB about her boss wasn't being fair? They are saying FB is a legal forum to use for public discourse about the workplace and that the employers can't fire you. Hmmm, wonder about blogs?

Work slows down this time of year, but our new management team doesn't want any part of it. I need to play the game...

On that same note, it is easier to play the game with lots of vacation time coming up. That is really a great thing about my job. Four weeks plus of vacation/PTO time each year. Yup that's 28 days of it. That and the awesome medical plan keeps me from looking elsewhere (and of course the fact that I love my job and what I do). One of my fellow bloggers was without Medical insurance and now that she finally got some medical it doesn't cover anything that was preexisting for at least 6 months. That really stinks. I am so grateful for a good health insurance plan!

Speaking of my fellow bloggers, two of my favorite blogs shut down this week. One was for personal reasons -Someone in the real world found her blog and made it uncomfortable to keep writing from the heart. The other blog shut down for pretty much the same reason, but with hearbreaking results. Tudu is a fellow foster adoptive mom who has adopted 7 kids, 5 of whom were part of a sibling group. She was in the process of adopting 3 more kids who were recently placed in her home and someone from the agency discovered her blog. Because she blogs about the kids lives it was deemed 'dangerous to the kids', so she shut the blog down. They still moved the 3 newer foster kids that they were hoping to adopt this week. That is so devastating for Tudu and her bloggy friends. Let me know if you were a Tudu fan, I am getting address that letters can be sent in her support, that she is hoping to use in court to get her kids back. Tudu has been on my sidebar forever - 'Finishing off my Family".

NoBloPoMo - I am doing my own version of this this month which is at least three posts each weekend. Yeah, I know it's weak. I just can't post every day. (NaBloPoMo means National blog Posting Month and most post every day when participating).


The Lovely One said...

Poor Tudu! I hope she'll be able to post anonymously or privately somewhere else!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I've been in Florida for 4 years and sometimes I still feel like I relocated to a different planet. I'm stunned at how criminals seem to be protected in this state. I'll be blogging about it in the near future.

Our work has been pretty slow and all the sales associates got down to less than 6 hours a week. And now my bosses are stunned that I took most of the next two weeks off!