Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sick day at home = abc family channel movies

I was awakened by Jamie's plaintive wail about 5am. She had thrown up all over her bed and her 'lovey' Waddie.
I cleaned her up and off to bed with mommy. So much for the 9am Tball game. Not that either one of us were looking forward to it.
We are having a cold snap here and it was in the mid thirties at 9am. But that isn't the only issue, Jamie simply doesn't care for Tball. More on the Tball hatred in the next post.
I don't know about you, but I am pretty much over the Disney channel lately and Noggin and Sprout are equally as annoying (in different ways), so surfing the channels I came upon abc family and we have been watching movies together all day.

'Hope Floats' was the first one and it really didn't keep Jamie's attention that well despite a young daughter character. 'My Girl' was next and that movie was very sweet, about a 11 yr old in circa 1972 (MY era!) dealing with a parent about to be remarried and life in general with Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan
Akroyd; and now we are watching Drew Barrymore (one of my all time faves!) in 'Ever After' which is a Cinderella story - Jamies' favorite princess.
Poor Jamie hasn't eaten a thing and has thrown up as recently as an hour ago. But we are making the most of her sickness and really enjoying this down time with abc family.

Oh good she just said she would eat some toast! Maybe that and some applesause will help.

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Cinda said...

Sorry to hear she's sick - a little too much stuff last night? Hugs to Jamie in the hopes of feeling better quickly!!